Thursday, January 21, 2016

Valentines Gifts For Her

How do you celebrate Valentines Day with your loved ones?  I have gathered up all my favorite V-day gift ideas for her, including accessories, handbags, shoes, clothing, and home decor items.  I tried to find items that are versatile enough to use throughout the year, but also sprinkled in some hearts for novelty, romance, and fun!

Here are a few of my favorite handbag choices here, here, and here.  These options have been on my favorites list for a while because they can be used any time of the year for a pop of color or to add simple elegance to your outfit. However, if you want a touch of whimsy, how about this one?

I have always been most comfortable wearing flats. Don't get me wrong, I love to wear high heels once in a while, but when I'm looking for cute comfort, I always go for the flats!  Check out these beauties that are perfect for Valentines Day I found here, here, and here.

Mugs are always a great idea whether you love a little tea, hot cocoa, or coffee.  I usually opt for an eclectic mix that represents my personality! It's fun to wake up in the morning, grab your favorite cup, and start your day with a smile!  Here are a few of my favorite ones here, here, and here that are perfect for Valentines or any morning in bed!

I confess, I love to add a little whimsy and charm to my home decor as well.  A great way to do this is with throw pillows! When February 1 comes rolling around, I switch out my glittery and glitzy new years decor for some red, pink, and white!  I love these ones here, here, and here! 

Check out the rest of my favorite Valentines gift ideas below and make sure you shop online early!  Also, don't forget that flowers, chocolates, wine, and a Valentine card are always good ideas!




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