Sunday, October 23, 2016

Cozy Pink Pajamas

This past weekend was extremely busy...taking the kids to get their Halloween costumes on Friday night. a family Saturday outing at the local pumpkin patch to pick out our pumpkins for carving next week, grocery shopping, cleaning house, laundry, etc.  You get the picture!  A mom's job is never complete, am I right?  However, sometimes you need to treat yourself to a day of relaxation and pampering....sleep in, take a bubble bath, give yourself a face mask, read a book, drink some tea, put on the Netflix and stay in your PJ's all day!     

That's what I did this past Sunday and it was fabulous!  I just received this pair of soft pink pajamas in the mail last week!  I have been wanting to invest in a few nice sets of PJ's.  I don't purchase them that often and tend to wear the same old comfy tattered pajamas or sweats every night.  It was not pretty and time for a beauty sleep refresh!  

I love how soft these pajamas feel which makes them so cozy and comfy.  They are made from a touchable jersey knit, tailored with a button down top, contrast piping, and a comfortable elastic waist.  They are very lightweight which lately I have been needing while sleeping at night.  They also come in a few additional colors including ivory, navy, black, and pebble, to name a few.    

I really enjoyed my Sunday day of relaxation and stayed n my pj's all day!  I watched movies with the kids, enjoyed some hot tea to soothe a bit of a sore throat from a cold, lit some candles, and flipped through some of my favorite magazines and shopping catalogs I never get a chance to read!  Even my dog Roscoe enjoyed  snuggles and snoozing in bed which was a real treat for him! 

I hope you all had an enjoyable weekend and also took some time for a little bit of relaxation!  We all deserve some down time once in a while in between work, running errands, cooking, cleaning, homework, etc. Getting rest, especially this time of year when the cold and flu season kicks in, is vitally important to your health and well being.  

Take Care,


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