Monday, January 2, 2017

Weekend Wanderer

Location: Memorial Park, Loma Mar, CA

I love being outdoors and in to nature as much as possible.  This coming year, we hope to spend more time camping, boating, hiking, fishing, and just enjoying all the beautiful landscape that surrounds us!  Luckily for me, living in California I don't need to travel too far to spend some time in the mountains, on the coast at the beach, or in the wilderness.

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This past weekend, we spent some time hiking and taking in the fresh air under the redwood trees. There's a humbling feeling when you're in the presence of these gentle old giants.  A calming peace envelops you like the coastal fog that drifts in.  In honor of California's magnificent redwoods, the Save the Redwoods League has created the infographic below to show some of the ways that redwoods support people and wildlife. Feel free to share it, and visit the Save the Redwoods League blog for more information.


It was pretty chilly this past Saturday and I don't like to be cold!  I wore layers that could be put on or peeled off depending on the weather.  The ground on the forest floor was still very damp from recent rain storms.  However, we still had a great time hiking, identifying the various plants along the trails, bird watching, and keeping our eyes out for wildlife. Some of the plants we found were huckleberry, ferns, redwood sorrel, and horsetail.  We also saw a few western grey squirrels, Steller's jays, and acorn woodpeckers.  Some other common wildlife you may encounter are skunks, raccoons, and banana slugs.  

Did you know that giant redwood trees can live up to 2,000 years old?  It amazes me when I stop, look up, and wonder what the world was like when this old living tree was just a seedling?  I hope you all take some time to get out and explore more this year!  Nature has such a calming and soothing effect on your attitude and it's fun to get out with your kids and enjoy the great outdoors!  

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