Thursday, October 20, 2016

Pink Double Breasted Boucle Coat

Some ladies have an obsession with shoes and some have a thing for handbags!  My obsession is definitely coats!  In fact, I have a whole closet full of them!  They do take up quite a bit of room when you think about it and it's really hard for me to part with them!  I like having versatility from rain coats, wool coats, leather jackets, lightweight hoodies, etc, and generally I like to buy timeless and classic styles that never get old or dated.      

As I was organizing my closet for fall and winter a few weeks ago, I noticed that I didn't have a light pink coat in my collection...shocking I know since pink has always been my favorite color!  I looked up "pink coat" on Pinterest and found a ton of cute styles, which in turn led me to this double breasted boucle beauty!

First of all, I really adore the light pink color the gold detail on the buttons and the zippered side pockets.  Pink and gold is always a good idea!  Additionally, I didn't have a double breasted coat and I really liked the envelope collar and cutaway detail. I decided to wear it with my black skirt, a pair a opaque black tights, and my black riding boots.  I wore a pink ruffled blouse (similar here or here) to complete my outfit.    

This coat will definitely keep me warm throughout the fall season and I can't wait to wear it again when it starts to snow in the Sierras!  I'm already planning a winter look with a white cashmere turtleneck, cozy beanie, white mittens, jeans, and a cute pair of snow boots!

I hope you all are enjoying the fall weather, getting outdoors, and spending time with loved ones!

Until next time!

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