Saturday, January 2, 2016

New Years Weekend in Napa Part 1

Location: Boon Fly Cafe, Napa, CA
The grape vines may be dormant and the air is chilly and crisp, but there's something about visiting Napa Valley in the winter time that is so warm and inviting.  This past new years weekend, I took a road trip to Napa with my sister, niece, aunt, and kids.  We had such a great time visiting a few wineries and eating out at our favorite places!  If you do come for a visit in the winter time, make sure you pack some cozy layers, over sized sweaters, and a warm coat. Here are a few of my favorite sweaters that I packed in my weekend bag here, here, and here

We ventured out of the San Francisco Bay Area around 8:00 am.  Our first stop of the day was one of my favorite places to grab some breakfast, The Boon Fly Cafe.  You must try their world famous signature Boon Fly donuts, which are served warm in a small tin bucket with a cup of joe! If you prefer a more hearty breakfast, I would highly recommend the Green Eggs and Ham or the Boon Fly Benedict topped off with some morning libations, such as the Boon Fly Bloody Mary!  Check out their full menu here.

We thoroughly enjoyed our breakfast and the customer service at Boon Fly Cafe is always friendly and accomodating.  You may want to arrive a bit early to avoid the morning breakfast crowd, they open at 7am.  However, if you choose to sleep in a bit and come a little later, the outdoor seating area has two bench swings under heated lamps to keep you warm on those cool and crisp mornings.  You can also grab a free cup of joe to keep your hands warm, while you wait for your table to be ready! 

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