Friday, December 9, 2016

Rancho Siempre Verde

Location: Rancho Siempre Verde Christmas Tree Farm
I have been on a hunt for the most perfect Christmas Tree Farm in the San Francisco Bay Area.  We recently visited Ward Ranch in the Santa Cruz mountains featured in this post here and really enjoyed the small tree farm hospitality!  Today we visited Rancho Siempre Verde which is located on Cabrillo Highway, 5 miles south of Pigeon Point Lighthouse on highway 1.  

Rancho Siempre Verde has become a Christmas tradition for family and friends for the last 50 years! Guests are invited to picnic overlooking the Pacific Ocean, roast marshmallows by the large crackling fire pit, take tractor rides through the fields, romp around in and under the haystacks, or lounge out on many of the hammocks strung between trees on the property.  This was the first time we visited this rural farm and we definitely will be more prepared for next time!  

If you plan to visit soon, I have a few recommendations that I plan to do for my next visit.  

1) Dress comfortable and wear a warm coat with layers you can pull off...the coast can be foggy and chilly but the sun can break through and it will warm up quickly!  

2) Bring a picnic basket, a few blankets, your family, friends, and beloved pets!  Many families who have done this before set up amazing winter picnic spreads on the numerous redwood tables located on the property! You can bring hot cocoa for the kids and hot totties for the adults - just ensure you have a designated driver and a few thermoses to conceal it in and keep it hot!  

3) Get there early and make a day of it!  Immerse yourself in enjoying this family Christmas tradition.  After you have selected your tree, grab some marshmallows and roast them by the campfire (marshmallows were available for free and I am assuming they were donated by the owners and regular visitors), take a tractor ride through the fields, make your own holiday wreath - all supplies were provided for a very small cost and you can bring your own embellishments if you like, and finally...take a ride on the swings!  There are big swings, small swings, tire swings, rope swings, double swings, triple swings, and more all over the farm. The biggest ones are at the top of the hill, but as you hunt for your tree, keep an eye out for the hidden ones.  Warning: It may be difficult to get your children back in the car after they try one of these, so come with plenty of time to play.      

After filling our tummies with some food and holiday treats, it was time to relax on the hammock under the trees.  Truth be told... when I first sat on this hammock it flipped me over like a pancake!  I'm so graceful!  I had one of those moments when I looked around and thought "oh 😲 , did anyone see that??!!"  

We thoroughly enjoyed our day at Rancho Siempre Verde Christmas Tree Farm.  I cannot wait to go back again!  I'm already planning a rustic country Christmas picnic spread!

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Happy Holidays!


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