Friday, August 8, 2014

Designer or Deal?

I’m starting a new series on San Francisco Bay Style called “Designer or Deal”.  Don’t get me wrong, I love designer fashion, style, and labels.  However, sometimes I want to create a fabulous designer look for a fraction of the price.  In this series, I’ll be featuring designer products such as clothing, shoes, and accessories and sharing similar items I’ve found that achieve the same look and keep more cash in your wallet!  I hope you enjoy following along whether you are a budget conscious shopper and/or a designer diva!

One of my current shoe cravings is the slip on sneaker in leopard print.  I have seen these all over the web and in stores lately and have been coveting a pair for a while.  Leopard is on-trend again this year and these look fabulous when you want to add a little pop of animal instinct to your casual style!

During my lunchtime Target run today, I caught a glimpse of leopard in the women’s shoe section.  Of course, I quickly steered my cart over to investigate.  There, hanging on the wall, next to all the cute tennis shoes, flats, and summer sandals, were a pair of leopard sneaker slip on’s made by Mossimo.   I found my size and checked the tag – they were only $16.99!  I knew I had to get them and couldn’t resist getting a red plaid pair as well!

Can you tell which one is the designer version and which one is the deal?  If you’ve been craving a pair of slip on leopard sneakers just like I have you may want to visit your local Target store and give the similar style by Mossimo a try!  You will save a ton of money compared to the designer brands and still achieve the designer look for less!

Have fun shopping!



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