Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Color Blocking

If you watched the 2014 Golden Globes, you know that this year's red carpet look was color blocking!  It's a bit different from years past where one particular hue the starlets wore emerged as the color trend to watch! This time, celebrities decided to make a bolder fashion statement!    

So what is color blocking?  There are essentially three different ways to color block your outfit:

1.  Wear one color throughout your entire outfit in different hues - this creates a monochromatic color block look
2.  Mix garments of contrasting colors (usually 2-4 colors) - this is color blocking with separates
3.  Wear a single garment the designer has already color blocked for you - this is what I am showing in my outfit today! 

A few strategically placed colors in flattering angles and you have yourself a winning combination!  The great thing about color block style is you don't need to decide...what color looks best, which one should I purchase...should I buy them both?  If you are undecided, color blocking allows you to wear multiple colors while making a beautiful fashion statement and saving a bit in the wallet!  

Today, I am wearing a sleeveless belted color block dress in gorgeous shades of blue, black and ivory.  The modern color block design creates curves and contours and is accentuated by a delicate belt that ties around your waist where you like it  - in front, on the side, or in back.  The polyester spandex material and lining creates an extremely comfortable fit.  I paired this dress with a pop of red in my espadrille wedges and handbag to add an additional complimentary color to complete the look.

I would love to see your color block styles!  What is your favorite color block look?  I would love to hear from you!  How do you color your outfits?  

Happy Tuesday Everyone!



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