Monday, February 15, 2016

Top 10 Swimwear Trends for 2016

Location: Pajaro Dunes
Swimsuit c/o Infinity Boutique//Photo by Brianna Wurz
I know it's a little too cold out still to think about swimwear.  The thought of putting on a swimsuit while I still have several pounds of winter weight to shed off makes me cringe a little!  Not to mention that trying on a swimsuit with pale and stubbly legs is not exactly a great experience!  However, I am planning a warm weather spring getaway with my family so now if the time to start getting in shape and shopping for some new swimwear!  
Swimsuits have definitely evolved over the last 50+ years and the styles have changed dramatically from decade to decade. There are a lot of new trends popping up as well as some old classics that are coming back into style.  I am seeing a few style trends emerge this year in swimwear.  I thought I would share the top 10 trends from my perspective as well as my favorite picks in each category! 

1.  The Monokini:  I have always gravitated to two piece swimwear because I am rather tall (5'10) and have a very long torso!  However, I am really loving the idea of the monokini...its essentially a one piece but has cut outs that make it look like a two piece suit!  This style is very popular right now and I can't wait to try a few of these on!  I have my eyes on this one here, here, and here.  Which is your favorite?
2. Bohemian: this look is very popular this season not only in clothing but also in swimwear.  For those of you not familiar with the term "Bohemian", you can think of it as romantic, free-spirited, nomadic, or hippie.  This style includes a lot of texture - fringe, lace, crochet, suede, etc.  Check out some of my favorite "boho-chic" swim styles here, here, and here.
3.  Retro: I have always been a fan of 50's and 60's fashion.  It's simple, elegant, and classy.  I am seeing a lot of retro inspired swimsuits and can't wait to try these fun and eye catching styles.  Grab a cute pair of colored sunglasses, some red lipstick, and grab your floatie!  What do you think of these beauties here, here, and here?
4.  Ethically Inspired Prints: These unique, colorful, and patterned prints are currently making a wave in the fashion world and these patterns have also transcended to swimwear motifs.  Some of the most common ethnically inspired  prints we see in fashion are Ikat, African, Ganado, and Chinle,  Here are a few of my favorite ethnically inspired swimsuits here, here and here.
5.  Black & White: these colors on their own or mixed together will always be a timeless, sleek, and classic look.  A black and white swimsuit is like haveing a LBD.  It's a closet staple that every lady must have.  Take a peek at my favorite black and white styles here, here, and here.
6.  Gingham: this is one of my favorite patterns to wear throughout the year.  Gingham can be described as a check pattern with two colors - white plus another bold color such as blue, pink, red, or yellow which are the most common ones we see.  Gingham is the perfect print for any picnic or pool party you attend this spring and summer!  If you are a lover of gingham print, you will die over these swimsuits I found here- top,  here - bottom, here, and here!
7 & 8.  Stripes or Polka Dots: As far as I can remember, stripes and polka dots  have always been in fashion, so I don't think this is a new trend.  However, just like the classic look of black and white, these are must have patterns in your wardrobe - including your swimwear!  What do you think of these striped ones here, here, and here?  I also found a few cute polka dot swimsuits here, here, and here!  Super cute, right?
9.  Floral: I don't know about you, but I am always busting out the floral pattern as soon as the temps rise above 60 degrees F. after spring!  These beautiful floral swimsuits here, here, and here are colorful, cheerful, and a welcome pattern after the freezing cold temps in winter don't you think?
and finally, one last note worthy trend to mention is....

10.  Ruffles: the delicate and romantic look of ruffles is a style that has remained in swimwear design for many many years.  Here are a few of my personal favorite ruffle adorned swimsuits  here, here, and here.
What is your favorite swimsuit style?  With so many adorable looks to choose from, it will be hard to narrow down which ones I finally decide on!  One thing is for's time to get to the gym and these surely are a source of inspiration!

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