Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Metallic Madness

It looks like the shiny and bold metallic trend we saw pop up on the spring 2014 fashion runway is here to stay for a while.  You can pretty much find a variety of metallic colors in everything from shoes, to puffer vests, to pants, to nail polish!  Metallics are also making a bold appearance in interior home design (e.g. wallpaper, furniture, and artwork).
I think metallic fashion is fun and it’s expanding into all colors on the color wheel!  For fall, try richer and warmer colors such as bronze, raspberry, and gold.  They will be sure to make a colorful statement.  It’s very similar to adding a pop of neon color to your outfit or adding sequins and sparkles to your accessories.  Pop on some metallic Keds and this darling "globe trotter" graphic tee by Sincerely Jules to add a fun, bold, yet casual statement when doing your weekend errands; try some metallic Essie nail polish to brighten up your manicures, or make a dramatic entrance and wear a metallic skirt on your next date night out - this one from River Island is pretty fabulous! 

Metallics are the icing on the cake.  I probably wouldn’t wear it head to toe but I do think adding it in moderation through accessories and bolder wardrobe pieces can really add a fun and modern flair to any outfit night or day!

What are your thoughts about metallic fashion?  Is it here to stay or another trend to stick into the 2014 time capsule? 

Enjoy Shopping!



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