Saturday, January 23, 2016

Rainy Day in Floral

It's been raining pretty hard here in the San Francisco Bay Area.  El Nino is in full effect and I'm not complaining!  We have experienced a drought in California for the last few years, so it's been nice to get a little saturated with the rain and get outdoors, even though it was a little soggy out!  

I purchased this Calvin Klein floral cap sleeve dress just before Christmas.  I love the vibrant colors and fit and flare design. I'm styling it for a winter rainy day but I'm sure I will be pulling it out again this spring and summer for warmer weather looks.  I really love this dress but found a few similar options here, here, and here that I have my eyes on!   

I decided to wear my black trench coat as I knew I would be going out in the rain today.  A trench coat is one of those classic closet staples everyone must have.  This particular coat is and old favorite, but I found a few similar options for you here and here.  I also have one in a tan color which works well for lighter colored clothes such as this one here.  In the winter, I like to put on tights when I wear dresses and skirts.  This keeps me a bit warmer and also saves people from getting blinded by my pale and sometimes stubbly legs!  Here are some great options for tights here and here.  Believe me, they make a world of difference in the colder wet weather!    

Last but not least, I decided to wear my favorite bow adorned black flats.  These ones are so comfortable, wear well in wet weather, and who doesn't love bows?  Here are a few other options that would also work well here and here.  Also, don't forget to grab an umbrella when you head out the door!  I love this large black one because it is sturdy and has great coverage.  However, I also have my eyes on this bubble umbrella.  They come in many different colors and remind me of the one my mom purchased me when I was young!

Don't forget to pull out your spring and summer dresses and mix it up for winter!   I hope you all enjoyed your weekend whether it was raining, snowing, or sunny out!  



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